About Us

Provide high-quality building materials for various needs, while ensuring that the quality needs of customers in different conditions such as climate and customs.


With the continuous progress of modern society, the quality requirements of decorative materials are getting higher and higher all over the world. In order to meet the market demand, AGM continues to innovate, develop products and services, and improve its competitiveness. While improving quality, we also focus on industrial safety, so as to strive for excellence for the industry.


Alpha Global Materials Ltd. (AGM) was established in 2016, its headquarters being in Hong Kong. After years of support and confidence from customers, AGM has successfully developed environmentally conscientious products, thus placing AGM at the forefront of a new era for manufacturing.


Our production line is in Guangdong Province of China, where there are more than 50+ employees, with 8,000 sq.m. of office and factory. Our goal and aim is to give prime consideration to the quality of products, the process of production and the value of the products, so that our customers are assured of their trust in us.

By way of investment, training, development, production and undertaking overseas tests, our company, AGM, has been able to specialize in the best way to produce the products.


Achieving a Sustainable Partnership:

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